Sunday, 7 February 2016

What I did Saturday

Heyy so instead of telling you what I've done in the week, I'm just going to let you know what I done yesterday. So obviously it was Saturday and I know a lot of people love the weekend, but I'm not one of those who do. I love Monday - Fridays because I feel the weekends are like zombie town. The shops aren't open 24/7, there's nothing ever good on the Tv and the whole vibe is just dead.

No I don't go out but going out these days is rarely fun anyway. And no I'm not debie downer.

It's difficult for me to keep myself entertained for the whole day and and this weekend was even hard. I've been watching Big Brother for the past month so I had something to occupy my time during the night but now- nothing. Weekend Tv needs to change!

I purchased a "Soap and Glory" gift set from Boot on Thursday 4th for only £20, originally worth £40. Anyway on Saturday I went crazy and gave myself a 24 hour pamper session.

First of all I started with the oat, sugar and shea 'Breakfast Scrub'. This smells good enough to eat. I thought I had made some cup cakes earliet and left them standing but no it was just the smell of this scrub. I went in the shower to rinse the scrub off then thought why not set a bath. It's pamper day so I went with it.

With my bath set I've added some of the rich and famous body wash. Closed my eyes and rested for as long as I could. It's not the best smelling body wash but just like life it can't all be good. 

Out of the bath and dry I spray the smoothie star body spray on me. I like this slight vanilla scent to it. It's only a tiny bottle and I like to spray loads when it comes to body spray, so I hope it last's long. 

Final touches now is just to add the body buttercream. Hand food cream wasn't really needed as the body cream already hydrated them. 

For the rest of the day I got my hair trimmed, done my nail and watched a few. films.

* Big Sale * 

Was £60.00 now £18.00 

Was £75.00 now £25.00 

All available from boots