Saturday, 9 January 2016

Feedback Of The Week

Hey all,
So aside from me looking after my son and doing the usual day to day basic stuff, here's what I've been getting up to in the week.
Monday started off pretty slow. Went for a walk while feeling like shit. I need the consistent motivation to keep up a healthy living lifestyle. Cutting out all the sweets which my heart craves for and giving exercise plus green food a big slim hug. I know after having a baby they say it's harder to lose weight but that just means I've got to be 10x harder on myself. It's been 6 months of not really giving the food that I'm eating a second thought. I literally eat food while on the go which has got to change. I've not ate any McDonald's or KFC since the year started, don't congratulate me too soon though! I've had food from the chippy.
It's Tuesday and I've got my Monday thoughts in my head. I haven't eaten anything for breakfast but I'm going to go in for the kill at brunch. Ok you've got me. I haven't ate anything for breakfast because there wasn't enough time. This messes me up big time, sometimes starting the day without breakfast means I'm going to crave extra food later on.
Wednesday starts off with a cup of coffee. Hmmm I needed this to wake me up but it would have been 10 times better if I had a clone. This way I could rest and get on with a few essays! I went shopping anyway in the evening and purchased some make up from New Look. Errm I think I'm starting to love all this make up stuff.
Thursday is obviously a catch up day. Catch up on sleep, editing things and catch up with the walking dead. Although I'm still a couple seasons away from the last episode shown. I need to be catching up with friends but so much stuff that I have to get out the way first. 
Friday I took some blog pictures, with my phone and not my camera. It's all about convenience these days. Especially with a Lil one that's starting to crawl. I've got 5 children in one that drains my energy just by looking at him, hahaa don't get it twisted though I do love him billions.
My Lil boy is growing up so fast though, it's true when people say "they don't stay babies for long".

So that was my week excluding the weekend obviously. Hope you've all had a great week too, let me know what you've been getting up to.
Shirelle SVLH x