Saturday, 9 January 2016

Feedback Of The Week

Hey all,
So aside from me looking after my son and doing the usual day to day basic stuff, here's what I've been getting up to in the week.
Monday started off pretty slow. Went for a walk while feeling like shit. I need the consistent motivation to keep up a healthy living lifestyle. Cutting out all the sweets which my heart craves for and giving exercise plus green food a big slim hug. I know after having a baby they say it's harder to lose weight but that just means I've got to be 10x harder on myself. It's been 6 months of not really giving the food that I'm eating a second thought. I literally eat food while on the go which has got to change. I've not ate any McDonald's or KFC since the year started, don't congratulate me too soon though! I've had food from the chippy.
It's Tuesday and I've got my Monday thoughts in my head. I haven't eaten anything for breakfast but I'm going to go in for the kill at brunch. Ok you've got me. I haven't ate anything for breakfast because there wasn't enough time. This messes me up big time, sometimes starting the day without breakfast means I'm going to crave extra food later on.
Wednesday starts off with a cup of coffee. Hmmm I needed this to wake me up but it would have been 10 times better if I had a clone. This way I could rest and get on with a few essays! I went shopping anyway in the evening and purchased some make up from New Look. Errm I think I'm starting to love all this make up stuff.
Thursday is obviously a catch up day. Catch up on sleep, editing things and catch up with the walking dead. Although I'm still a couple seasons away from the last episode shown. I need to be catching up with friends but so much stuff that I have to get out the way first. 
Friday I took some blog pictures, with my phone and not my camera. It's all about convenience these days. Especially with a Lil one that's starting to crawl. I've got 5 children in one that drains my energy just by looking at him, hahaa don't get it twisted though I do love him billions.
My Lil boy is growing up so fast though, it's true when people say "they don't stay babies for long".

So that was my week excluding the weekend obviously. Hope you've all had a great week too, let me know what you've been getting up to.
Shirelle SVLH x

Friday, 1 January 2016

Feedback Friday : HotChoc&Read


So we're sort of over Christmas now and finally in the new year! I say sort of over Xmas because if you're anything like me you've still go the decorations up. I hate when the decorations have to come down, the place looks bare! But Happy New Year, finally we're in 2016.

2016 is the year I've been dreaming about, I finally graduate this year. Well as long as I hand in the last few assignments I'll be good.

So for this blog post I'm doing something a little different! I'm going to highlight the year I've had...

The beginning of the year of course! I entered the year watching Alan Carr NYE special, literally how I'm starting 2016. I was going to uni in the week and working at the weekends. I believe I was about 4 months pregnant too, just started telling people. I think I also told my manager towards the end of the month that I was pregnant, I had to come into work and fill out all necessary paper work and write when I wanted to start my maternity leave. I was so scared to tell work, luckily my manager wasn't one of those grumpy one's, I feel like she was even more excited about the news more than me.

All I can remember is being tired. Energy levels were really low and I could not be bothered to do anything other than chill, eat and sleep. At work someone had measles* so I ened up taking my annual leave early.

All I can remember is working hard at uni and work. I was so fed up of working and studying. I just wanted to drop everything! Thank God I got talked out of that though.

My maternity leave started. But I was still studying, at least I only had to focus on judy going to one place. I had COGS scans as my Lil one was small according to the ultrasounds I had.

I had two exams that I was dreading to sit, I managed to get them out the way but as I was more worried about one exam and happened to revise for that one more than the other. May 30th was my due date but nothing happened. I was not happy as I didn't want him in my birthday month. If only throughout the 10 month of being pregnant I tokk advantage of sleep!

So June 4th I had a COGS scan a week over due and very much annoyed that im definitely going to be giving birth in my birthday month. I started getting contractions at 6am and on the 6th at 8:08 am my son was born. Weeks later I was so tired that words can't explain, visitors came near enough every day and the midwife every week for the first few days and weeks.

Still feeling tired but I decided to join the gym. I join the gym all the time but never commit to it. I actually joined the gym with my friend she seemed like she was gonna be a good work our partner. Only from day 1 it was a flop! She turned up late and let's just say I discontinued my gym membership 5 days later, I wanted to go but with someone - never again will I join just because a friend sound ambitious on day 1 for a couple hours.

The last week of July I ended up going to out as it was my bff's birthday. I never wrapped up well so I started to fall ill. I got really bad which was not ideal when looking after a newborn. Lol this was also the month that I had pie and chips and ended up swallowing my tongue bar. That was the end of it for me I never bothered putting a tongue bar back in.

I started to try and get my son into a routine. If I wasn't so tired maybe it would have worked out well but nope, everyday was different.

I started back at uni, organised to begin with as always. I planned part of my dissertation and started reading books essential for my essay due in January. The usual everyday routine on top of this of course.

Started blogging. I intend to change what I blog about dramatically different next year, excluding this blog.

To be honest I started slacking with coursework but towards the end I got back on track. Once Christmas was out the way I felt a bit of relief, I don't think I like Xmas any more :/.. new years eve I watched Alan Carr on repeat and ding done midnight hit. 2015 is over welcome to 2016 so over this post now .. :D