Monday, 7 December 2015

Stress or Anxiety..

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Is it just me or do you also wake up some days feeling low- its ok, life is complex!!!

For me I'm a worrier and I'll literally stress over the littlest things! It's so bad that I often find myself worrying about nothing. I'll be sitting down or doing something and start worrying. The way that I help myself get out of this state is by thinking of what the problem is, and the funniest thing is that occasionally it's nothing. if there is a problem though I create break down solutions and plan out what my next step will be to deal with the matter.  

The biggest problem with me being a worrier is that my over thinking sometimes triggers belly ache and feeling uncomfortable. This goes along with me not feeling my usual self the day before I have work all the way up until my shift has started! Is this normal? Do you feel this way?

The music that I find myself listening to sometimes makes my mood escalate to another level. I mean it's good music but when your feeling low I guess it doesn't help when you listen to songs that have a great meaning!
Talk about being selfish; I know there are people out there that actually have bigger problems than I do but in the present moment, when I'm feeling low I'm not trying to think about anyone else!  Plus when I'm emotional I feel like I'm the only person going through things and suffering. I guess it cant always be helped when a few of the people I speak with are only sharing the good events in their life. Hmm, I guess to get out of the dark space you've got to get your mind out of there.

I'm aiming to be a counsellor for young adults and kids, the reason why is because when you see adults stressing its often due to events that happened during the early stages of life or simply just the life I guess. plus its always good to speak with a stranger- don't you think?  

Have a good day if you can now lool, hmm a bit too dark to post on a gloomy Monday but you'll be fine. Thanks for reading. Comment but if not I'll see you Friday Xx