Friday, 11 December 2015

Feedback Friday: HotChoc&Read

Heyyy, its Friday again!

The way the weeks are passing us by its ridiculous. 11 days into December and I still feel like I'm in June. Well this may sound crazy as it's getting colder, but to be honest we hardly had any nice summery days this year (British weather).

Thinking about it, this time next year I'd have no more uni, now that's something to look forward to!

Anyway that's enough babbling. I know you just want to know how my week was, unless you just clicked on it by accident. -Then again, if you clicked on it by accident surely you wouldn't still be reading THIS.

Starting off with Monday. Urghhh beginning of the week, luckily for me I'm on maternity so I love every day of the week, unfortunately maternity is not going to be forever and I'm due to start back very soon. But today all I did was chill, I had stuff to do and slowly done it while watching The Walking Dead. Why am I so late with watching this? I'm currently on season 2 ep 7, do you watch it? Obviously I couldn't enjoy it too much I've got my son to look after. I was home alone with him the whole day watching T.W.D scared! I was mainly petrified when my son was crying and the zombies were on the screen, I was trying to keep quiet.-it seemed like all that was going on was my reality for the duration of watching it, mad I know.

That day I also done some uni c/w, I always drag it out. Focusing on doing work with my baby on my lap is not as easy as it looks/sounds. I get the help, but when I get the help I'm never in the mood or tired.

Tuesday my son had a weight review so me and my hubby took him, his along the lines that they want him to be, yaay! For the last two months his been below the line, his weight looks perfectly fine though so I'm wondering if they even know what they're talking about. Jheeeze I might be young and they maybe professionals, but professionals aren't always professional. 

I felt physically drained all day, I don't know why but I'm starting to feel really tired again. This fatigue business is getting on my nerves! I feel how I was a couple weeks after giving birth, but aren't I suppose to be over this by now?

Wednesday consisted of rushing, pulpatations and losing my mind. I usually stop over my parents’ house when I have to go uni in the mornings. It's best that way as it's quicker to get to uni and my son can be looked after without the rush of dropping him, you get the point right! Well clearly Tuesday night I must have been delusional because I thought it wouldn't be a challenge to hand in an assignment for 12pm. How wrong I was, over sleeping is trouble when you've got something to do for a certain time. I woke up at 9:00 and had to rush a shower plus a wash for my little one. Drive to my parents which is 30 minutes without traffic but it's early so there's a little. Reached there for 10:30, throw my son in the house (joke) make sure I have my uni badge and everything else in the bag before I set off again and boom! It's 10:49. I was going insane but this isn't the first time I've done this, which means I must love the adrenaline rush this give me (unconsciously).

I reached uni at 11:20 and that's ok but finding a parking space was where it got even more intense. It took a minute to find a space but it felt longer than that. All the emotions I was feeling while walking towards uni I can't even explain. And yeah I said walking, walking fast to a computer to print off my work, the first printer I tried had no ink. I had to walk in another part of the uni to get my work printed! I don't know how the time was only 11:47 but I wasn't going to complain I handed in my work before the deadline so I felt good again.

Walking to my car now and I couldn't find my keys. I lost them for an hour, I laugh now but even at the time I lost them I wasn't even panicking. I mean I have a spare car key at home and you can always cut house keys, I was just happy my work was handed in.

The feeling of tiredness slapped me around my face. Me and my Lil man slept that off for a couple of hours though.

On Thursday the weather wasn't saying much so neither was my mood. I just got washed and done the usual. I did read a few blogs but I don't follow enough bloggers so it didn't last long, any suggestions on bloggers you like? I stayed up late again doing nothing, I'm going to stop doing this soon. The energy I get late at night is what I need during the day.

Friday is going to be dedicated to T.W.D, although I do need to go to the shops a buy a few things- probably do that later. I'll be giving myself a pamper sesh (session) too.

We'll that's how my week went, I hope yours has been fine too. See you on Monday, bye!