Friday, 25 December 2015

Feedback Friday: HotChoc&Read

It's been a hectic week but slowly everything has managed to come together. Merry Christmas to you!

Santa never delivered any presents for my son's first Christmas, the cheek of him! Instead myself, family and friends put our hands in our pockets and brought him things. I hope no one relied on santa this year Lol.

So my week went like this..

Done all my Christmas shopping on Monday. I did originally plan to do it on Christmas Eve, but I'm glad I didn't! I left out pretty late (12pm) and came back just before 7pm. The time it took me to get the presents was not bad, considering I didn't know exactly what to get for anyone besides my son.

For the rest of the evening I just got my son ready for bed, and got some rest myself.

Tuesday I wrapped up the presents. Can't say I'm happy about all the presents I purchased, but they'll have to do. Are you happy with the Christmas presents you bought for your loved one's? Still don't feel like we're in December though! Ohh well, I've got more important things to focus on like my dissertation and an essay due in for the beginning of January.

Wednesday I honestly was just trying to get my printer to work. Took me a good few hours! The printer didn't want to cooperate without the wire, so I had to connect it all up instead. I printed out some important documents that will help me for whenever I decided to write up my essay, photos of my son for Christmas cards (my mom wants to send them out to family)and writing another to do list. I love writing to do list's, especially how these days I'm actually ticking things off, before I just done it for fun.

Thursday was a lazy day. I didn't want to do anything. But as a full time mother you're not given the choice. Luckily, like always my energy picked up around midday and I was able to conquer things that needed doing.

Today (Friday).. its Christmas and a special one too, son's first Christmas not that he'll remember which is good because I could easily wrap up things around the house and take pics of him next to them. Then when he grows up pretend that there was some great stuff in them. Jokinggggg, he's got a few good gifts that are real!

Seriously though for the rest of the day me and my triangle family will be spending the day together watching films and eating our belly's full. I say triangle family because there is only 3 of us and my son is young, so I feel the need to implement shapes into as much sentences as I can.

Anyway hope you like all the gifts you received and enjoy the rest of the day. Xx