Friday, 18 December 2015

Feedback Friday: HotChoc&Read


So its 7 days until Christmas, how does that make you feel? Pretty scary if you haven't got Xmas presents yet, and still have quite a few bits and bobs left to do. I'm not even worrying, as long as I've got a few presents to give out and a nice meal, all will be good.

This year I'll be spending Christmas with my little triangle family (hubby and son). For Boxing Day we'll be making a journey to my grandparents, and the whole family will be there so that's nice -yaaay.

As I'm still trying to get my head around the fact that we're in December, my wrist have been playing up again. It's clearly the cold weather making it worse. I've got CTS (carpal tunnel syndrome), I got it towards the end of my pregnancy, but still till this day I'm having problems. My son is six months now I mean come on give me a break! Anyway, due to the cold weather, on Monday I decided to do a bit of online shopping. I personally hate online shopping but I guess it was convenient for me that day.

Tuesday was gloomy and wet outside, I went shopping with my mom and got a few things. I got some crafts for my son to create his own calendar, a few things for myself like a journal to help me keep my ish together and clothes.

Wednesday, well maybe you should tell me what happened that day! As far as I'm concerned the day went by incredibly fast! My son had a lot of energy, and for some reason I was the total opposite - weak. I didn't have a nap while my son was sleeping, instead I managed to fight the tiredness away. It's funny because I literally always feel energetic when his sleeping.

Although I was tired Thursday morning I still managed to clean up my room and make the bed. I got ready and left out on time to make it to a meeting I had at uni. I made it there for 12pm and that's because I had a parking space as soon as I reached there, usually it's hard to get a parking space at certain times of the day. It's close to Christmas though so some of them are probably shopping.

When I got back home from uni, I addressed some uni work and made amendments to parts that needed adjusting, meanwhile my son was out with his auntie. If my son was with me, that work would have taken me a week to get out the way.

On Friday.. TODAY I MEAN! In the morning I walked my dog. Had breakfast then got my son ready for the day and now I'm here typing. But for the rest of the day I'll be reading a few blogs, eating a mince pie and pampering myself. 

what did you get up to this week, let me know..