Saturday, 5 December 2015

Feedback Friday: HotChoc&Read

Heyy all!
So we're actually in December.. eewww and it doesn't feel right! I usually put the Christmas decorations up at the end of November, as that's around the time I feel jolly.. But nope, I've had to force the feeling this year.  
Anyway let me tell you what I've been getting up to this week! Hahaa mainly the usual- nothing special.

On Monday, yes I was feeling it (energetic)! I woke up early (earlier than usual), got ready for uni and went for a couple hours. I drove back home rapping along to some "PARTYNEXTDOOR", yeah you could say I had a solo rave. I wish I saved all that energy though, as once I reached home it's got to be all about my son. Unfortunately he doesn't sleep when I want to sleep, he can't even be left alone - even when his sleeping. But then again he is so cute so you forget about all the sleep you've missed out on. I write all this with a tear rolling down my face. 

Tuesday, plans flopped! One of the things I was meant to do is get one of my nails repaired as it broke. But because I decided to get them all long I realised this broken nail is actually quite helpful- so I left it.

nail broke!
In the night my son had me up, for what reason I do not know! Usually I'm not that tired at night but this night I happened to be, I seriously cant wait until I can get him into a routine. Eventually went to sleep at 2am!
Wednesday hmmm my memory is failing me big time. I believe it's either baby brain or I'm just totally losing it?! So Wednesday I was doing something... err...
Being a mommy and later on chilled with my hubby.

On Thursday I was meant to meet up with my friend Laura but that didn't happen! Instead my sister decided to rush to open up her delivery and hurt herself. She started going all pale so I had no other option than to stay (no one else was in the house to keep her company).

Later on in the evening I went to the shops with my son. Instead of being LAZY I walked to the shop. It was raining and nasty and I could have easily used my car so clap for me. I brought a few things plus treats but as I was rushing out the shop I ended up breaking my debit card, I split the card in half 😠, I reached home just before Emmerdale (if you know, you know!) and got a phone call from I'm a celebrity again.. Yep that's me on the TV again.

Friday morning I accompanied my sister, she had a driving lesson she's an ok driver I guess- felt much safer when the car wasn't moving though. My son was with his grandparents at a funeral so I caught up with them after the lesson had finished. I Hate funerals but I guess everyone does.

Anyway enough of me, how was your week? Comment below and let me know, I'll reply but you got to comment first.

Thanks for reading my written reality Lool. xx