Friday, 6 November 2015

Positive Changes: Healthy New Start

Making changes starts NOW!

Finally after I've was told by my midwife multiple times that my eating habits need to change I'm determined to try again (only 5 months after giving birth!). I'm going to prepare myself for the ups and downs, but obviously the downs are going to be the hardest times. Literally going to have to not be tempted to fall into the vicious trap of sweet things. Recently I've been buying loads of devil treats. Consuming loads of carbs, and to top it off I've just jumped on the hype for energy drinks (now I get headaches all the time). My son is 5 months and I keep picking up rubbish to eat because he gives me no time to leave and prepare something nice and healthy. Gosh how I do have an excuse for literally everything!

For me to help bury my cravings of bad things a diet isn't going to help but a life style change will. Fresh outlook on how to view food and experiment with food to keep things interesting for my greedy tummy. I can tell you for free, I'm the type of person that says they'll only have a few sweets- but before you know it the whole packet has finished and my inner gorilla has been set free.

I've been on the Atkins diet before which did work and results were ok. They results were only ok because I only lasted 2 weeks, why 2 weeks you may ask? Well what had happened was I was foolishly gassed with the little weight loss so I said I deserve a treat. I indulged into the biggest burger and fries! This messed everything up and my devil taste buds took over, so from then I went back to more and more junk food which wasn't worth it!

Weight loss results are motivating but at this time of the year food is even more so tempting! Yet I feel if I can't resist now, I'll never be able to...


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