Monday, 23 November 2015

My Basic Skin Care Routine

Be fresh and ready everyday

This blog post simply talks about my everyday skin care routine, it’s not long at all and pretty basic to say the least.

 On a Monday morning it may be difficult getting up and feeling good! (Or any other day of the week). So to help you start the week I'm going to give you directions on how to get a spotless face.

In the morning even after a good night's rest you may still feel a bit urghhh. Well shake that mood off and let's get cracking on to the transition of a positive vibe. Let's put the radio on or play some music you like from your phone.

You done?

Right, so we're going to wet our face.. I mean you are, with some warm water! You can obviously use a flannel or face towel whatever you like to call it.

To start make sure you open up your pores put a face towel in hot water. Squeeze as much water out of it as possible and cover your whole face with it while pressing down (repeat this).

Leave it there for a minute or two, but note that once the face towel gets cold repeat the previous instructions (no more than 3 times).
Now get your facial cleanser and put a dashing amount in the centre of your hand. Spot the cleanser all over your face and start rubbing it in. I use either 'Nivea' or the 'Skin system' (by ASDA). The price for the Nivea exfoliating scrub is currently at £2.00 in ASDA for the 100ml one. I decided to give the ASDA skin system facial scrub a go a couple months back and it's really good, they keep changing the design of it though, so every time I go in there I always think it’s been discontinued. It's only £2.00 which is its normal price without a special offer. Definitely a reliable alternative if you're trying to save a few pounds.    

(Now back to business) When it's been rubbed in well all over your face go and have a bath or shower to help it sink into your skin and do whatever it does. Rinse off your face after your choice of washing. Make sure it's all wiped off your face.

Now get the face cloth in cold water, squeeze as much water out and place it on your face. Take it off when you're ready then you’re done!
I let my face dry naturally, but you can use a clean towel if you wish. And put on whatever cream you like to use on your face once dry.

Finally you can now cream your face with either a matt finish or one that will help with dryness. I actually use baby lotion (lool) only a tiny bit though, my face is quite sensitive and I've been using it for too long to want to change. But for the rest of my body I choose to use these three, I change regularly as I like the mixture of all three.


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See you on Friday..