Tuesday, 10 November 2015

I Hate Work!!

What am I doing?

As a youngster you just want to rush and grow up! Then as time goes by as fast as it does you have to job search to survive. Finding out what type of career path you want to take all starts off at secondary school. This is the time when you are asked to think of the ideal career path you would want to take upon in the future, and with keeping this in mind you’re meant to choose subjects that will help you to achieve steps in order to make it to your desired career.


I was a creative person during my school days. Initially I started off as wanting to be a clothes designer and have my own clothing line. But once I had left school I was thinking what are the chances of this actually happening? So when deciding what course to take on at college I choose social care (safe option). This was the last thing I thought I would be choosing to do, but even though I was on the course I still had no clue in what type of job I would want to be taking on after. Applying for the social care course meant I had options of picking a career to be a social worker, support worker the list goes on.


Moving on... At the age of 21 and being a support worker for the time being while I study psychology combined with counselling (my last year), I've decided I want to be a clinical psychologist. However, sometimes I feel I want to do something more creative. The chance of being a counsellor is interesting to me and I think I'd make a good one but still, deep down this kind of doesn't satisfy me enough. Yet I can't tell you exactly what I want to do that would, because I just want to put my hands into everything. I don't want to be like the majority of people who just work and don't enjoy where they're working, where the only days to look forward to is pay days and holidays (annual leave). To me I feel life is too short to just be ok with things that are a major part of your life. 


With time partly on my side (never know what's around the corner) I shall start to explore to help me find what it is that will satisfy me work wise. 


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