Monday, 2 November 2015

Let Me Intoduce Myself...

Where to begin?

My name is Shirelle, I am 21 and this is my new hobby.
People label me as shy and really quiet but, well the thing is I'm not really like that. The problem is that if you see that side I'm probably in an antisocial mood, can't be bothered with you or really tired (After all I am a "young mom"- oh judge if you wish!). To be honest though I can also be socially awkward at times without even being aware. 
Moving onto the positive things about me, I'm horribly sarcastic in a good way most people tend to think. I love life, can't say I'm living it to the fullest but I definitely appreciate everyone and everything around me. In fact let me make a list of 10 points that sums me up.
1.      Don't like to smile- I'm a kind person but I prefer to have my straight face on, being natural is best right?
2.     I love a good reality show like; KUWTK, Real Housewives plus Love and Hip hop ATL the problem with watching these though is that they're rubbish yet addictive- confusing much!
3.     Enjoy driving- mainly when I'm not having to rush somewhere because I'm late.
4.    Spending most of my time watching YouTube videos mainly vlogs.
5.     Cooking and baking when I feel like a chef or someone that just simply knows their way around the kitchen.
6.    Sleeping, I hardly get any sleep but when I'm able to get a good one all is wonderful.
7.     I'll chat you to death about nothing. Seriously I can get really annoying and loud when I'm in my hype mood- probably because of my sleep deprivation.
8.    Trying new things, you only live once so why not live and explore. 
9.    Enjoy my duties of being a mommy, wifey, daughter, and friend- not the best but I try to be a good one.
10.Doing nothing! Relaxing time is great, it’s not exactly me time with my son being the great attention seeker that he is but it is good enough.

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