Friday, 20 November 2015

Feedback Friday: HotChoc&Read

I love hot chocolate, but you don't necessarily need to drink it while reading this (no drink discrimination)...

This is just a little post where I talk about what I've been doing in the week. Giving you highlights of my week on a Friday.

Monday yaay the beginning of the week (like you didn't already know that). Pretty boring Monday, but I'm still living and appreciating life so stayed happy. I clearly was in a good mood though because I offered to drop my little sister to work (too much time on my hands- maternity leave). Anyway I was acting cray cray in the car, you know the normal! Speaking to myself, dancing and all sorts. No, I'm not a bad driver!

Beeping over to Tuesday, it was a chilled day, all I really done was some proof reading for some uni work. Oh and I guess I put together a nice lunch; I done jacket potato (the jacket was just right) with tuna, onions and salad.

In the evening I watched the usual soaps, but during Emmerdale I had a phone call from Australia. I answered the phone and in my head was thinking- this person needs to talk quick and get to the point! It was only the production team from 'I'm a celebrity get me out of here' calling..

Arhhh huh! OMGGG.. I was gassed, possibly too gassed. He said I'll Skype you in an hour so think of a question within this time. I made a broadcast on Whatsapp and told most of my contacts.. PING! PING! PING! My phone was having several seizures with everyone replying. When the production team Skype me the second time they said that I'll be on standby so may not make it on tonight, and I didn't! -vibe killer.

Sleeping time away until Wednesday I dedicated the morning to my studies. Literally it's like I'm forcing myself to do whatever I have to do for uni these days. Luckily I get into it in the end. Once the clock turned 2pm though I was out for that little retail therapy. I didn't find anything thing though. Which is good in a way (more money to put towards mine and Frans savings).

Later on in the night I done a Skype video call to "I'M A CELEBRITY GET ME OUT OF HERE NOW", I had asked Gemma Collins a question. The question was "watching Fearne go into the Jungle and taking part in your first trial, did it make you regret leaving so soon?" Unfortunately I never got to see it on the TV though so I stayed up and extra hour. I was so tired but finally managed to go bed at 1am.

Happy happy still buzzing on Thursday, I put all my blogs on one Web page which is available here & > . I also cleaned up and done some work during the day. I tried to put my son to bed early and slept for a 2 hours, getting him to go back to sleep was a problem though. 

So for today (Friday 20th) I'm just going to do the usual. Although I would like to go for a penny walk if it doesn't rain. The penny walk involves going on walks where you don't know where you're going to end up. Obviously it's probably best to do it in a familiar area, but then again surely you've got google maps to direct you back to where you started so you don't get lost. But basically it works like this; whenever you're at the end of the road flip a coin. Decide heads being left and tail being right. And at every corner keep doing this- it keeps the walk interesting. Comment if you've tried this already.

Now don't forget to follow me on Twitter, Bloglovin and Wordpress! See you all next week- have a lovely weekend xx

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