Monday, 16 November 2015

12 Blog Post Ideas...

Ideas for your next few blogs maybe?

Whether you're new to blogging like me, or have been blogging for years, it's always good to get fresh ideas to jot down. I'm telling you 12 ideas, so why 12? Well there's 12 months in a year and we're so near to the end!

Round this time of the year everyone wants to know about fashion do's and don'ts for this season, hairstyles, or simple tips on what to do on the weekend (it's getting colder by the day, you may want to stay in but your bored). If you blog look below for the 12 ideas to help keep your blog interesting.

1) Updated your song playlist recently? Well why not share the songs you've downloaded and put them in order of favourites.

2) Found it easy to pick presents for people who are special to you? If you did share what you've brought so readers can get an idea of what to buy and where to buy it from for their loved ones.

3) Its getting cold and surely you must have changed up the style in your wardrobe. Blog about what you're wearing this season like that new fabulous coat your wearing to keep warm.

4) As we're approaching Christmas we might just want to know what you’re cooking up for this festive season. Don’t make anything boring!

5) Share the most memorable and happy memories you have had this year. Probably best to do that on New Year’s Eve though "12 Best Memories Of 2015". 

6) Write how you plan to have the best festive party. What type of decorations you will have, theme colour, food you'll cook- will things be made from scratch?

7) Discuss what type of goals you want to achieve for the New Year, plus tell us how you plan to achieve them! 'Blog Action Plan'

8) Give advice to people about things which you have been through this year and how you handled it or are still coping with the matter.

9) Autumn/winter hairstyles. It's kind of getting cold now, I mean it is cold now. And sometimes you just can't be bothered to spend too much time on your hair so you just put it up. But can you do a simple hairstyle that looks sophisticated yet takes so little time?

10) Have you got some on trend things at a really good price? Even a good bargin that you need to tell people about. Why not share what you bought, what price you got it for and of course where you got it from.

11) If you're anything like me you may like to keep changing the style or the way furniture is set in your room. Dedicate a blog to the bedroom and share how you keep everything organised and clean.

12) Do an about me 'LOVE HATE' blog. Obviously this consists of doing a list of things you love and another for things you hate. Why not share this so readers can get to know more about you. Hmmm people may just not like you after all Lol.

Suggest other ideas in the comments session.

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Thank you for reading xx

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