Monday, 30 November 2015

What's In My Bag?!

If you couldn't already tell from the title, today I'm going to discuss about what's in my handbag. I'm going to keep this interesting, you simply wouldn't believe all the things I keep in it (lies).

So the bag I'm currently using is a New Look handbag.. "Black snakeskin tote bag," it was a birthday gift that I received back in June but only now I'm using it (wasn't really feeling it at first). This is my everyday bag for now, however I do switch my bag from time to time, depending on the outfit I'm wearing and where I'm going. If you like the look of it, it's still available in New Look for the price of £18.74.

Front of bag
Back of bag

For me I like to keep my bag light. I get slightly anxious about having too much things in my bag in case someone steals from me or its an unlucky day for me so I lose it. Hahaa it might sound a Little silly but that's just how I feel. I know some people carry their life around with them in their bags but that's not me!

The first item is my purse.. its apink glittery one, I love it! It was purchased from Matalan for £6.00 but I doubt the still sell it (sorry, you're going to have to look for an alternative) New Look have one in three colours; silver, black and gold.

The alternative: Link below

Second item is my pencil case.. hmm never know when you'll need a pen I guess. Yeah it's not the best looking case but who’s trying to be cool. It polka dot yellow and white, in fact looking at the state of it I need to buy a new one. If you want a polka dot pencil case try this for £8.00 from ASOS
My pencil case
The alternative: Link below

Next item is makeup bag, it needs upgrading I just haven't seen a nice one yet.. Suggestions please. I don't ever reapply my make up (only put on mascara, and eyebrows Lool) but just to fill up the bag I plonk it in there.

Fourth is HAND SANITISER! Do I really need to say why? It goes without saying, especially if you don't want to be ill over the Christmas period- or ever!! "Be wise, sanitise" it just felt right typing that just go along with it.

Fifth item is perfume.. Top Up on perfume whenever possible. I love the smell of the perfume shop and I want to smell like it! Plus when someone tells you that you smell nice.. *cute giggle* it feels good ...😙

Next item is a mirror- just to make sure my eyebrows are in place.

Seventh item is cream. You know when you're in a rush and don't have time to cream yah hands or feet (feet lool), well keep some in yah bag and you'll be fine.

Eighth item is my car key/keys- I drive, they're needed.. Yeah nothing much to say.

Next item is my phone charger, recently I happen to be on the phone all the time so I don't want to have a dead phone on me and feel frustrated. The only problem is, when I have nowhere to plug it in- Uurghhh! Hmm I just won't be sticking round for long!

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed it.

Bye now xx

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Feedback Friday: HotChoc&Read

Hey all, hope you've had a great week. We're less than a month away from Christmas, can you believe it?! I mean I guess I'm not the first person to tell you so you probably can. I'd like to believe that I've had a hectic week, but we all know that's a lie. Well actually I have been busy, busy looking after my son 24/7.  And I'd like to class motherhood as hectic living.

Anyway I'm going to start with what I done on Monday. Well I was drunk and can't remember much. Ok, you got me. I don't drink and I didn't do anything, besides the usual duties. But honestly, all jokes aside I can't remember what I done. The day is pretty much a blur.

Tuesday was a day of trying to get my son into baby food. You would think he's ate food before, he's all for whatever I'm eating and against the baby food. I tried to offer him chicken and orchard, then banana and peach (he likes this). I'm currently weaning him now as he's officially six months. I can't believe seriously how fast his growing up. When I've heard people in the past say "children grow up fast", I've given them the side eye and gone yeah sure. But you won't know until you have your own or watch a close friend’s child jump life every time you visit.

At 4 I had a nail appointment. It's been a good while since I last had my nails done. I've been in need of treating myself but ever since I've had my son I've been unable to due to me falling ill as soon as I would get better. I got them pained grey and they're kind of longish. To be honest since Tuesday I've been feeling like Beyoncé, well.. not Beyoncé but a powerful, confident woman.

Wednesday was just like Monday. I did get some uni work done though!  I always feel uni work is never ending, whenever my hubby asks me what I'm doing I wish I could change up the script and not say uni work. The worst thing is I'm always dragging it out, where realistically I could probably dedicated 2 days to it and kick it out the way Lol. Clearly I chose to make my life more difficult than it has to be.

Thursday I done the usual then went for a little walk around the block. Never quite done the penny walk, but I went for a walk jheeeze! If you didn't already know I'm trying to trade in my junk fast life for the healthy long one. It's obviously difficult but one day I'll get there and it'll be my new normal. I should probably swap the hot chocolate for an avacado and something. By the way I wouldn't mind a few suggestions on what healthy meals to eat.

Friday yaay, today I make it my job to comment on blogs, so if you're a blogger comment below and leave your link. I should also take myself to the hairdressers to get a trim but I'll have to fit that into my busy schedule called can't be bothered today but maybe tomorrow Lool.

Hope you enjoyed my written reality show. I just hope the dry humour I put in the text is coming through.

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Monday, 23 November 2015

My Basic Skin Care Routine

Be fresh and ready everyday

This blog post simply talks about my everyday skin care routine, it’s not long at all and pretty basic to say the least.

 On a Monday morning it may be difficult getting up and feeling good! (Or any other day of the week). So to help you start the week I'm going to give you directions on how to get a spotless face.

In the morning even after a good night's rest you may still feel a bit urghhh. Well shake that mood off and let's get cracking on to the transition of a positive vibe. Let's put the radio on or play some music you like from your phone.

You done?

Right, so we're going to wet our face.. I mean you are, with some warm water! You can obviously use a flannel or face towel whatever you like to call it.

To start make sure you open up your pores put a face towel in hot water. Squeeze as much water out of it as possible and cover your whole face with it while pressing down (repeat this).

Leave it there for a minute or two, but note that once the face towel gets cold repeat the previous instructions (no more than 3 times).
Now get your facial cleanser and put a dashing amount in the centre of your hand. Spot the cleanser all over your face and start rubbing it in. I use either 'Nivea' or the 'Skin system' (by ASDA). The price for the Nivea exfoliating scrub is currently at £2.00 in ASDA for the 100ml one. I decided to give the ASDA skin system facial scrub a go a couple months back and it's really good, they keep changing the design of it though, so every time I go in there I always think it’s been discontinued. It's only £2.00 which is its normal price without a special offer. Definitely a reliable alternative if you're trying to save a few pounds.    

(Now back to business) When it's been rubbed in well all over your face go and have a bath or shower to help it sink into your skin and do whatever it does. Rinse off your face after your choice of washing. Make sure it's all wiped off your face.

Now get the face cloth in cold water, squeeze as much water out and place it on your face. Take it off when you're ready then you’re done!
I let my face dry naturally, but you can use a clean towel if you wish. And put on whatever cream you like to use on your face once dry.

Finally you can now cream your face with either a matt finish or one that will help with dryness. I actually use baby lotion (lool) only a tiny bit though, my face is quite sensitive and I've been using it for too long to want to change. But for the rest of my body I choose to use these three, I change regularly as I like the mixture of all three.


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See you on Friday..


Friday, 20 November 2015

Feedback Friday: HotChoc&Read

I love hot chocolate, but you don't necessarily need to drink it while reading this (no drink discrimination)...

This is just a little post where I talk about what I've been doing in the week. Giving you highlights of my week on a Friday.

Monday yaay the beginning of the week (like you didn't already know that). Pretty boring Monday, but I'm still living and appreciating life so stayed happy. I clearly was in a good mood though because I offered to drop my little sister to work (too much time on my hands- maternity leave). Anyway I was acting cray cray in the car, you know the normal! Speaking to myself, dancing and all sorts. No, I'm not a bad driver!

Beeping over to Tuesday, it was a chilled day, all I really done was some proof reading for some uni work. Oh and I guess I put together a nice lunch; I done jacket potato (the jacket was just right) with tuna, onions and salad.

In the evening I watched the usual soaps, but during Emmerdale I had a phone call from Australia. I answered the phone and in my head was thinking- this person needs to talk quick and get to the point! It was only the production team from 'I'm a celebrity get me out of here' calling..

Arhhh huh! OMGGG.. I was gassed, possibly too gassed. He said I'll Skype you in an hour so think of a question within this time. I made a broadcast on Whatsapp and told most of my contacts.. PING! PING! PING! My phone was having several seizures with everyone replying. When the production team Skype me the second time they said that I'll be on standby so may not make it on tonight, and I didn't! -vibe killer.

Sleeping time away until Wednesday I dedicated the morning to my studies. Literally it's like I'm forcing myself to do whatever I have to do for uni these days. Luckily I get into it in the end. Once the clock turned 2pm though I was out for that little retail therapy. I didn't find anything thing though. Which is good in a way (more money to put towards mine and Frans savings).

Later on in the night I done a Skype video call to "I'M A CELEBRITY GET ME OUT OF HERE NOW", I had asked Gemma Collins a question. The question was "watching Fearne go into the Jungle and taking part in your first trial, did it make you regret leaving so soon?" Unfortunately I never got to see it on the TV though so I stayed up and extra hour. I was so tired but finally managed to go bed at 1am.

Happy happy still buzzing on Thursday, I put all my blogs on one Web page which is available here & > . I also cleaned up and done some work during the day. I tried to put my son to bed early and slept for a 2 hours, getting him to go back to sleep was a problem though. 

So for today (Friday 20th) I'm just going to do the usual. Although I would like to go for a penny walk if it doesn't rain. The penny walk involves going on walks where you don't know where you're going to end up. Obviously it's probably best to do it in a familiar area, but then again surely you've got google maps to direct you back to where you started so you don't get lost. But basically it works like this; whenever you're at the end of the road flip a coin. Decide heads being left and tail being right. And at every corner keep doing this- it keeps the walk interesting. Comment if you've tried this already.

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Monday, 16 November 2015

12 Blog Post Ideas...

Ideas for your next few blogs maybe?

Whether you're new to blogging like me, or have been blogging for years, it's always good to get fresh ideas to jot down. I'm telling you 12 ideas, so why 12? Well there's 12 months in a year and we're so near to the end!

Round this time of the year everyone wants to know about fashion do's and don'ts for this season, hairstyles, or simple tips on what to do on the weekend (it's getting colder by the day, you may want to stay in but your bored). If you blog look below for the 12 ideas to help keep your blog interesting.

1) Updated your song playlist recently? Well why not share the songs you've downloaded and put them in order of favourites.

2) Found it easy to pick presents for people who are special to you? If you did share what you've brought so readers can get an idea of what to buy and where to buy it from for their loved ones.

3) Its getting cold and surely you must have changed up the style in your wardrobe. Blog about what you're wearing this season like that new fabulous coat your wearing to keep warm.

4) As we're approaching Christmas we might just want to know what you’re cooking up for this festive season. Don’t make anything boring!

5) Share the most memorable and happy memories you have had this year. Probably best to do that on New Year’s Eve though "12 Best Memories Of 2015". 

6) Write how you plan to have the best festive party. What type of decorations you will have, theme colour, food you'll cook- will things be made from scratch?

7) Discuss what type of goals you want to achieve for the New Year, plus tell us how you plan to achieve them! 'Blog Action Plan'

8) Give advice to people about things which you have been through this year and how you handled it or are still coping with the matter.

9) Autumn/winter hairstyles. It's kind of getting cold now, I mean it is cold now. And sometimes you just can't be bothered to spend too much time on your hair so you just put it up. But can you do a simple hairstyle that looks sophisticated yet takes so little time?

10) Have you got some on trend things at a really good price? Even a good bargin that you need to tell people about. Why not share what you bought, what price you got it for and of course where you got it from.

11) If you're anything like me you may like to keep changing the style or the way furniture is set in your room. Dedicate a blog to the bedroom and share how you keep everything organised and clean.

12) Do an about me 'LOVE HATE' blog. Obviously this consists of doing a list of things you love and another for things you hate. Why not share this so readers can get to know more about you. Hmmm people may just not like you after all Lol.

Suggest other ideas in the comments session.

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Thank you for reading xx

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Friday, 13 November 2015

Feedback Friday: HotChoc&Read


This is just a little post where I talk about what I've been doing in the week. Giving you highlights of my week on a Friday.

So at the start of the week like I always do, I set tasks that need to be achieved by the end of the week or at least before Monday! A few tasks that were on the list was to complete some work for my dissertation, clean my room (this is always on the list) and have a complete outfit for a birthday meal that I'll be going too on the weekend. I posted up a blog on the Monday too discussing how much I hate work!

The next day it was all about my son (to be honest that's everyday), he had an appointment at 13:10 (I was late but still got seen) and yeah by the time I came back home the day was basically over (I was over it any).

On Wednesday I was meant to be at uni, started at 9am. There was no way I was going to make it after my son kept me up all night (Oops, not my fault his teething). With making no attempt to go uni I was on my laptop for most of the day. I done some work but soon got distracted with YouTube vids and creating a Twitter account (follow me @Shirelle_SVLH).

Later on in the evening my sister told me "I think I've got on the wrong bus", and she did! It's a shame she didn't get off the bus sooner though, I mean she only managed to make it to Solihull (totally the wrong direction).

Moving onto Thursday I literally was getting a lot of uni work out the way. I didn’t fulfil the day in the way that I wanted to. Time had just been tick, ticking away, and you know it's always working against you when you've got so much to do!

Tick-tock to Friday.. Yaay that's today. Well I uploaded this blog, sent a few tweets and got ready for the day. So maybe later I'll read a few blogs and comment on them. I'll be going for a walk round the block get some fresh air through my system. Look for Christmas prezzies before last minute and I'll probably have a nap too.

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Tuesday, 10 November 2015

I Hate Work!!

What am I doing?

As a youngster you just want to rush and grow up! Then as time goes by as fast as it does you have to job search to survive. Finding out what type of career path you want to take all starts off at secondary school. This is the time when you are asked to think of the ideal career path you would want to take upon in the future, and with keeping this in mind you’re meant to choose subjects that will help you to achieve steps in order to make it to your desired career.


I was a creative person during my school days. Initially I started off as wanting to be a clothes designer and have my own clothing line. But once I had left school I was thinking what are the chances of this actually happening? So when deciding what course to take on at college I choose social care (safe option). This was the last thing I thought I would be choosing to do, but even though I was on the course I still had no clue in what type of job I would want to be taking on after. Applying for the social care course meant I had options of picking a career to be a social worker, support worker the list goes on.


Moving on... At the age of 21 and being a support worker for the time being while I study psychology combined with counselling (my last year), I've decided I want to be a clinical psychologist. However, sometimes I feel I want to do something more creative. The chance of being a counsellor is interesting to me and I think I'd make a good one but still, deep down this kind of doesn't satisfy me enough. Yet I can't tell you exactly what I want to do that would, because I just want to put my hands into everything. I don't want to be like the majority of people who just work and don't enjoy where they're working, where the only days to look forward to is pay days and holidays (annual leave). To me I feel life is too short to just be ok with things that are a major part of your life. 


With time partly on my side (never know what's around the corner) I shall start to explore to help me find what it is that will satisfy me work wise. 


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Friday, 6 November 2015

Positive Changes: Healthy New Start

Making changes starts NOW!

Finally after I've was told by my midwife multiple times that my eating habits need to change I'm determined to try again (only 5 months after giving birth!). I'm going to prepare myself for the ups and downs, but obviously the downs are going to be the hardest times. Literally going to have to not be tempted to fall into the vicious trap of sweet things. Recently I've been buying loads of devil treats. Consuming loads of carbs, and to top it off I've just jumped on the hype for energy drinks (now I get headaches all the time). My son is 5 months and I keep picking up rubbish to eat because he gives me no time to leave and prepare something nice and healthy. Gosh how I do have an excuse for literally everything!

For me to help bury my cravings of bad things a diet isn't going to help but a life style change will. Fresh outlook on how to view food and experiment with food to keep things interesting for my greedy tummy. I can tell you for free, I'm the type of person that says they'll only have a few sweets- but before you know it the whole packet has finished and my inner gorilla has been set free.

I've been on the Atkins diet before which did work and results were ok. They results were only ok because I only lasted 2 weeks, why 2 weeks you may ask? Well what had happened was I was foolishly gassed with the little weight loss so I said I deserve a treat. I indulged into the biggest burger and fries! This messed everything up and my devil taste buds took over, so from then I went back to more and more junk food which wasn't worth it!

Weight loss results are motivating but at this time of the year food is even more so tempting! Yet I feel if I can't resist now, I'll never be able to...


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Monday, 2 November 2015

Let Me Intoduce Myself...

Where to begin?

My name is Shirelle, I am 21 and this is my new hobby.
People label me as shy and really quiet but, well the thing is I'm not really like that. The problem is that if you see that side I'm probably in an antisocial mood, can't be bothered with you or really tired (After all I am a "young mom"- oh judge if you wish!). To be honest though I can also be socially awkward at times without even being aware. 
Moving onto the positive things about me, I'm horribly sarcastic in a good way most people tend to think. I love life, can't say I'm living it to the fullest but I definitely appreciate everyone and everything around me. In fact let me make a list of 10 points that sums me up.
1.      Don't like to smile- I'm a kind person but I prefer to have my straight face on, being natural is best right?
2.     I love a good reality show like; KUWTK, Real Housewives plus Love and Hip hop ATL the problem with watching these though is that they're rubbish yet addictive- confusing much!
3.     Enjoy driving- mainly when I'm not having to rush somewhere because I'm late.
4.    Spending most of my time watching YouTube videos mainly vlogs.
5.     Cooking and baking when I feel like a chef or someone that just simply knows their way around the kitchen.
6.    Sleeping, I hardly get any sleep but when I'm able to get a good one all is wonderful.
7.     I'll chat you to death about nothing. Seriously I can get really annoying and loud when I'm in my hype mood- probably because of my sleep deprivation.
8.    Trying new things, you only live once so why not live and explore. 
9.    Enjoy my duties of being a mommy, wifey, daughter, and friend- not the best but I try to be a good one.
10.Doing nothing! Relaxing time is great, it’s not exactly me time with my son being the great attention seeker that he is but it is good enough.

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