Sunday, 7 February 2016

What I did Saturday

Heyy so instead of telling you what I've done in the week, I'm just going to let you know what I done yesterday. So obviously it was Saturday and I know a lot of people love the weekend, but I'm not one of those who do. I love Monday - Fridays because I feel the weekends are like zombie town. The shops aren't open 24/7, there's nothing ever good on the Tv and the whole vibe is just dead.

No I don't go out but going out these days is rarely fun anyway. And no I'm not debie downer.

It's difficult for me to keep myself entertained for the whole day and and this weekend was even hard. I've been watching Big Brother for the past month so I had something to occupy my time during the night but now- nothing. Weekend Tv needs to change!

I purchased a "Soap and Glory" gift set from Boot on Thursday 4th for only £20, originally worth £40. Anyway on Saturday I went crazy and gave myself a 24 hour pamper session.

First of all I started with the oat, sugar and shea 'Breakfast Scrub'. This smells good enough to eat. I thought I had made some cup cakes earliet and left them standing but no it was just the smell of this scrub. I went in the shower to rinse the scrub off then thought why not set a bath. It's pamper day so I went with it.

With my bath set I've added some of the rich and famous body wash. Closed my eyes and rested for as long as I could. It's not the best smelling body wash but just like life it can't all be good. 

Out of the bath and dry I spray the smoothie star body spray on me. I like this slight vanilla scent to it. It's only a tiny bottle and I like to spray loads when it comes to body spray, so I hope it last's long. 

Final touches now is just to add the body buttercream. Hand food cream wasn't really needed as the body cream already hydrated them. 

For the rest of the day I got my hair trimmed, done my nail and watched a few. films.

* Big Sale * 

Was £60.00 now £18.00 

Was £75.00 now £25.00 

All available from boots

Saturday, 9 January 2016

Feedback Of The Week

Hey all,
So aside from me looking after my son and doing the usual day to day basic stuff, here's what I've been getting up to in the week.
Monday started off pretty slow. Went for a walk while feeling like shit. I need the consistent motivation to keep up a healthy living lifestyle. Cutting out all the sweets which my heart craves for and giving exercise plus green food a big slim hug. I know after having a baby they say it's harder to lose weight but that just means I've got to be 10x harder on myself. It's been 6 months of not really giving the food that I'm eating a second thought. I literally eat food while on the go which has got to change. I've not ate any McDonald's or KFC since the year started, don't congratulate me too soon though! I've had food from the chippy.
It's Tuesday and I've got my Monday thoughts in my head. I haven't eaten anything for breakfast but I'm going to go in for the kill at brunch. Ok you've got me. I haven't ate anything for breakfast because there wasn't enough time. This messes me up big time, sometimes starting the day without breakfast means I'm going to crave extra food later on.
Wednesday starts off with a cup of coffee. Hmmm I needed this to wake me up but it would have been 10 times better if I had a clone. This way I could rest and get on with a few essays! I went shopping anyway in the evening and purchased some make up from New Look. Errm I think I'm starting to love all this make up stuff.
Thursday is obviously a catch up day. Catch up on sleep, editing things and catch up with the walking dead. Although I'm still a couple seasons away from the last episode shown. I need to be catching up with friends but so much stuff that I have to get out the way first. 
Friday I took some blog pictures, with my phone and not my camera. It's all about convenience these days. Especially with a Lil one that's starting to crawl. I've got 5 children in one that drains my energy just by looking at him, hahaa don't get it twisted though I do love him billions.
My Lil boy is growing up so fast though, it's true when people say "they don't stay babies for long".

So that was my week excluding the weekend obviously. Hope you've all had a great week too, let me know what you've been getting up to.
Shirelle SVLH x

Friday, 1 January 2016

Feedback Friday : HotChoc&Read


So we're sort of over Christmas now and finally in the new year! I say sort of over Xmas because if you're anything like me you've still go the decorations up. I hate when the decorations have to come down, the place looks bare! But Happy New Year, finally we're in 2016.

2016 is the year I've been dreaming about, I finally graduate this year. Well as long as I hand in the last few assignments I'll be good.

So for this blog post I'm doing something a little different! I'm going to highlight the year I've had...

The beginning of the year of course! I entered the year watching Alan Carr NYE special, literally how I'm starting 2016. I was going to uni in the week and working at the weekends. I believe I was about 4 months pregnant too, just started telling people. I think I also told my manager towards the end of the month that I was pregnant, I had to come into work and fill out all necessary paper work and write when I wanted to start my maternity leave. I was so scared to tell work, luckily my manager wasn't one of those grumpy one's, I feel like she was even more excited about the news more than me.

All I can remember is being tired. Energy levels were really low and I could not be bothered to do anything other than chill, eat and sleep. At work someone had measles* so I ened up taking my annual leave early.

All I can remember is working hard at uni and work. I was so fed up of working and studying. I just wanted to drop everything! Thank God I got talked out of that though.

My maternity leave started. But I was still studying, at least I only had to focus on judy going to one place. I had COGS scans as my Lil one was small according to the ultrasounds I had.

I had two exams that I was dreading to sit, I managed to get them out the way but as I was more worried about one exam and happened to revise for that one more than the other. May 30th was my due date but nothing happened. I was not happy as I didn't want him in my birthday month. If only throughout the 10 month of being pregnant I tokk advantage of sleep!

So June 4th I had a COGS scan a week over due and very much annoyed that im definitely going to be giving birth in my birthday month. I started getting contractions at 6am and on the 6th at 8:08 am my son was born. Weeks later I was so tired that words can't explain, visitors came near enough every day and the midwife every week for the first few days and weeks.

Still feeling tired but I decided to join the gym. I join the gym all the time but never commit to it. I actually joined the gym with my friend she seemed like she was gonna be a good work our partner. Only from day 1 it was a flop! She turned up late and let's just say I discontinued my gym membership 5 days later, I wanted to go but with someone - never again will I join just because a friend sound ambitious on day 1 for a couple hours.

The last week of July I ended up going to out as it was my bff's birthday. I never wrapped up well so I started to fall ill. I got really bad which was not ideal when looking after a newborn. Lol this was also the month that I had pie and chips and ended up swallowing my tongue bar. That was the end of it for me I never bothered putting a tongue bar back in.

I started to try and get my son into a routine. If I wasn't so tired maybe it would have worked out well but nope, everyday was different.

I started back at uni, organised to begin with as always. I planned part of my dissertation and started reading books essential for my essay due in January. The usual everyday routine on top of this of course.

Started blogging. I intend to change what I blog about dramatically different next year, excluding this blog.

To be honest I started slacking with coursework but towards the end I got back on track. Once Christmas was out the way I felt a bit of relief, I don't think I like Xmas any more :/.. new years eve I watched Alan Carr on repeat and ding done midnight hit. 2015 is over welcome to 2016 so over this post now .. :D

Friday, 25 December 2015

Feedback Friday: HotChoc&Read

It's been a hectic week but slowly everything has managed to come together. Merry Christmas to you!

Santa never delivered any presents for my son's first Christmas, the cheek of him! Instead myself, family and friends put our hands in our pockets and brought him things. I hope no one relied on santa this year Lol.

So my week went like this..

Done all my Christmas shopping on Monday. I did originally plan to do it on Christmas Eve, but I'm glad I didn't! I left out pretty late (12pm) and came back just before 7pm. The time it took me to get the presents was not bad, considering I didn't know exactly what to get for anyone besides my son.

For the rest of the evening I just got my son ready for bed, and got some rest myself.

Tuesday I wrapped up the presents. Can't say I'm happy about all the presents I purchased, but they'll have to do. Are you happy with the Christmas presents you bought for your loved one's? Still don't feel like we're in December though! Ohh well, I've got more important things to focus on like my dissertation and an essay due in for the beginning of January.

Wednesday I honestly was just trying to get my printer to work. Took me a good few hours! The printer didn't want to cooperate without the wire, so I had to connect it all up instead. I printed out some important documents that will help me for whenever I decided to write up my essay, photos of my son for Christmas cards (my mom wants to send them out to family)and writing another to do list. I love writing to do list's, especially how these days I'm actually ticking things off, before I just done it for fun.

Thursday was a lazy day. I didn't want to do anything. But as a full time mother you're not given the choice. Luckily, like always my energy picked up around midday and I was able to conquer things that needed doing.

Today (Friday).. its Christmas and a special one too, son's first Christmas not that he'll remember which is good because I could easily wrap up things around the house and take pics of him next to them. Then when he grows up pretend that there was some great stuff in them. Jokinggggg, he's got a few good gifts that are real!

Seriously though for the rest of the day me and my triangle family will be spending the day together watching films and eating our belly's full. I say triangle family because there is only 3 of us and my son is young, so I feel the need to implement shapes into as much sentences as I can.

Anyway hope you like all the gifts you received and enjoy the rest of the day. Xx


Friday, 18 December 2015

Feedback Friday: HotChoc&Read


So its 7 days until Christmas, how does that make you feel? Pretty scary if you haven't got Xmas presents yet, and still have quite a few bits and bobs left to do. I'm not even worrying, as long as I've got a few presents to give out and a nice meal, all will be good.

This year I'll be spending Christmas with my little triangle family (hubby and son). For Boxing Day we'll be making a journey to my grandparents, and the whole family will be there so that's nice -yaaay.

As I'm still trying to get my head around the fact that we're in December, my wrist have been playing up again. It's clearly the cold weather making it worse. I've got CTS (carpal tunnel syndrome), I got it towards the end of my pregnancy, but still till this day I'm having problems. My son is six months now I mean come on give me a break! Anyway, due to the cold weather, on Monday I decided to do a bit of online shopping. I personally hate online shopping but I guess it was convenient for me that day.

Tuesday was gloomy and wet outside, I went shopping with my mom and got a few things. I got some crafts for my son to create his own calendar, a few things for myself like a journal to help me keep my ish together and clothes.

Wednesday, well maybe you should tell me what happened that day! As far as I'm concerned the day went by incredibly fast! My son had a lot of energy, and for some reason I was the total opposite - weak. I didn't have a nap while my son was sleeping, instead I managed to fight the tiredness away. It's funny because I literally always feel energetic when his sleeping.

Although I was tired Thursday morning I still managed to clean up my room and make the bed. I got ready and left out on time to make it to a meeting I had at uni. I made it there for 12pm and that's because I had a parking space as soon as I reached there, usually it's hard to get a parking space at certain times of the day. It's close to Christmas though so some of them are probably shopping.

When I got back home from uni, I addressed some uni work and made amendments to parts that needed adjusting, meanwhile my son was out with his auntie. If my son was with me, that work would have taken me a week to get out the way.

On Friday.. TODAY I MEAN! In the morning I walked my dog. Had breakfast then got my son ready for the day and now I'm here typing. But for the rest of the day I'll be reading a few blogs, eating a mince pie and pampering myself. 

what did you get up to this week, let me know..

Friday, 11 December 2015

Feedback Friday: HotChoc&Read

Heyyy, its Friday again!

The way the weeks are passing us by its ridiculous. 11 days into December and I still feel like I'm in June. Well this may sound crazy as it's getting colder, but to be honest we hardly had any nice summery days this year (British weather).

Thinking about it, this time next year I'd have no more uni, now that's something to look forward to!

Anyway that's enough babbling. I know you just want to know how my week was, unless you just clicked on it by accident. -Then again, if you clicked on it by accident surely you wouldn't still be reading THIS.

Starting off with Monday. Urghhh beginning of the week, luckily for me I'm on maternity so I love every day of the week, unfortunately maternity is not going to be forever and I'm due to start back very soon. But today all I did was chill, I had stuff to do and slowly done it while watching The Walking Dead. Why am I so late with watching this? I'm currently on season 2 ep 7, do you watch it? Obviously I couldn't enjoy it too much I've got my son to look after. I was home alone with him the whole day watching T.W.D scared! I was mainly petrified when my son was crying and the zombies were on the screen, I was trying to keep quiet.-it seemed like all that was going on was my reality for the duration of watching it, mad I know.

That day I also done some uni c/w, I always drag it out. Focusing on doing work with my baby on my lap is not as easy as it looks/sounds. I get the help, but when I get the help I'm never in the mood or tired.

Tuesday my son had a weight review so me and my hubby took him, his along the lines that they want him to be, yaay! For the last two months his been below the line, his weight looks perfectly fine though so I'm wondering if they even know what they're talking about. Jheeeze I might be young and they maybe professionals, but professionals aren't always professional. 

I felt physically drained all day, I don't know why but I'm starting to feel really tired again. This fatigue business is getting on my nerves! I feel how I was a couple weeks after giving birth, but aren't I suppose to be over this by now?

Wednesday consisted of rushing, pulpatations and losing my mind. I usually stop over my parents’ house when I have to go uni in the mornings. It's best that way as it's quicker to get to uni and my son can be looked after without the rush of dropping him, you get the point right! Well clearly Tuesday night I must have been delusional because I thought it wouldn't be a challenge to hand in an assignment for 12pm. How wrong I was, over sleeping is trouble when you've got something to do for a certain time. I woke up at 9:00 and had to rush a shower plus a wash for my little one. Drive to my parents which is 30 minutes without traffic but it's early so there's a little. Reached there for 10:30, throw my son in the house (joke) make sure I have my uni badge and everything else in the bag before I set off again and boom! It's 10:49. I was going insane but this isn't the first time I've done this, which means I must love the adrenaline rush this give me (unconsciously).

I reached uni at 11:20 and that's ok but finding a parking space was where it got even more intense. It took a minute to find a space but it felt longer than that. All the emotions I was feeling while walking towards uni I can't even explain. And yeah I said walking, walking fast to a computer to print off my work, the first printer I tried had no ink. I had to walk in another part of the uni to get my work printed! I don't know how the time was only 11:47 but I wasn't going to complain I handed in my work before the deadline so I felt good again.

Walking to my car now and I couldn't find my keys. I lost them for an hour, I laugh now but even at the time I lost them I wasn't even panicking. I mean I have a spare car key at home and you can always cut house keys, I was just happy my work was handed in.

The feeling of tiredness slapped me around my face. Me and my Lil man slept that off for a couple of hours though.

On Thursday the weather wasn't saying much so neither was my mood. I just got washed and done the usual. I did read a few blogs but I don't follow enough bloggers so it didn't last long, any suggestions on bloggers you like? I stayed up late again doing nothing, I'm going to stop doing this soon. The energy I get late at night is what I need during the day.

Friday is going to be dedicated to T.W.D, although I do need to go to the shops a buy a few things- probably do that later. I'll be giving myself a pamper sesh (session) too.

We'll that's how my week went, I hope yours has been fine too. See you on Monday, bye!

Monday, 7 December 2015

Stress or Anxiety..

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Is it just me or do you also wake up some days feeling low- its ok, life is complex!!!

For me I'm a worrier and I'll literally stress over the littlest things! It's so bad that I often find myself worrying about nothing. I'll be sitting down or doing something and start worrying. The way that I help myself get out of this state is by thinking of what the problem is, and the funniest thing is that occasionally it's nothing. if there is a problem though I create break down solutions and plan out what my next step will be to deal with the matter.  

The biggest problem with me being a worrier is that my over thinking sometimes triggers belly ache and feeling uncomfortable. This goes along with me not feeling my usual self the day before I have work all the way up until my shift has started! Is this normal? Do you feel this way?

The music that I find myself listening to sometimes makes my mood escalate to another level. I mean it's good music but when your feeling low I guess it doesn't help when you listen to songs that have a great meaning!
Talk about being selfish; I know there are people out there that actually have bigger problems than I do but in the present moment, when I'm feeling low I'm not trying to think about anyone else!  Plus when I'm emotional I feel like I'm the only person going through things and suffering. I guess it cant always be helped when a few of the people I speak with are only sharing the good events in their life. Hmm, I guess to get out of the dark space you've got to get your mind out of there.

I'm aiming to be a counsellor for young adults and kids, the reason why is because when you see adults stressing its often due to events that happened during the early stages of life or simply just the life I guess. plus its always good to speak with a stranger- don't you think?  

Have a good day if you can now lool, hmm a bit too dark to post on a gloomy Monday but you'll be fine. Thanks for reading. Comment but if not I'll see you Friday Xx